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Everyone, how are you doing? Welcome to this free training video. This is going to be for all of you network marketers out there, home-based business owners and what we share here is what we're really doing, and what you're really looking to do inside of your network marketing business.

I know that some of you got involved and talked about recruiting and making money, but I want you to get a clear picture of what you have your hands on. You know what network marketing is, I'm going to relate it to some other businesses that you're very familiar with, so you can get a very good picture of it. You can also use this to explain it to someone else, when someone asks and wants to know what network marketing is and what you do, you have a very good idea of how to explain to them so they can get the picture.

So, what you're looking to do inside of your network marketing company is build your very own distribution company, OK? That's what you're looking to do, alright.

All your company is, is a company with products and a compensation plan, that's all your network marketing company is.

What drives it are the people and it's the people that build their own distribution company inside of that network marketing.

Here’s what I mean, we have a McDonald’s, OK. All they’re doing is building a distribution center of stores, that what, that market the food. They do this all over the world out from McDonald’s, building a distribution point.

Each new store is a distribution point, so this store might sell 500 hamburgers, this one might sell 1,000 but that day they sold 1,500 hamburgers.

Then, you have the what? The suppliers that supply the meat, buns, cups, drinks, etc.

Ok, so you have the suppliers that supply and McDonald’s is the what? McDonald’s is the distribution company.

Ok, so I hope you’re understanding and following along. Inside your network marketing company you are looking to do the same exact thing, to build your distribution company and your company is supplying that product.

All you're doing is what? You’re building your own distribution company that distributes products. I hope this is all making sense.

So, every time someone joins your network, you have a new distribution point. So, maybe this person sold 5 memberships and this person sold 10, this person 25 but you get paid 40 times alright, and you’re doing the exact same thing.

Then you join our company, Treylex and you’re looking to build your very own distribution company within that network marketing company, this is a great way to explain it to somebody. What you’re doing is helping somebody else see the big picture because you can plug in any company. Look at Walmart, they don’t make anything. Walmart doesn't make materials, Walmart doesn't make Johnson and Johnson lotion, they don’t make tires that they sell in the back, they get all that from a third party and all Walmart is, is what, a distribution point.

Walmart’s here alright and what do you got, you got a Walmart here in Florida, you got a Walmart in Ohio, you got one more in Texas, and all of these are what? They’re distribution points out from Bentonville Arkansas, USA where the Walmart headquarters are located.

That's all you're looking to do inside of your network marketing company, to build your very own distribution company.

With a distribution company how do you make money? You do one of two things, you can get more distribution points or you can help others get more distributors. In network marketing it doesn't cost you anything to open a new distribution point.

However, if you owned a McDonald's, and you wanted to open another store, you’d have to spend money to open another one. But in network marketing it doesn't cost you any money to open a new distribution point. You’re spending your time, maybe making a phone call or text, letting people know on social media, going to someone’s house to talk to them about the opportunity.

Even though you don’t directly open up these distribution points, you can help the distribution points, which are the people get better at producing more. So, maybe this person here is only producing 5 per month, what do you give them? Training, coaching, you give them mentorship, you give them information, so now this person is producing 15 per month. This person over here is only producing 10 per month, what do you do? We give them coaching, mentorship, guidance,and the right training and tools to get better, now this person is producing 20 a month. So, this person here who’s producing a 100, maybe now doing a 1000, who knows.

So, you can either open up more distribution points or help those distribution points produce more or do both.

I suggest number 3, doing both. Opening up new distribution points and also helping distribution points do better is OK, and distribution points in your company are the people. So, I’m using a distribution point here as an example. What you’re looking to do is build a distribution company, OK? Opening more distribution points while helping those distribution points do better while you’re opening more distribution companies. So, I hope this tutorial gives you a better outlook of what you're going to do with your company. I hope this helped you out a lot, watch this and share this with your team and get good at this so we’ll see you reach your goals.

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